Saturday, March 8, 2008

Someone Calls "Shenanigans!" at SXSW

Remember how you used to feel when all the cool kids got to go to a party and you didn't?

That's how I feel watching the Tweets from SXSW in Austin,TX. Seems like a big interactive Grammys, complete with post-Grammy star-studded parties. Earlier today there was a Social Media Metrics forum that didn't hold water with some of the attendees, it seems. Here are some excerpts from the Twitter feed, which have to be some of the most dead-on feedback I've ever seen, from someone who uses the Twitter handle 'msaleem'. (Shout-out to Andy Beal for putting this in his Twitter feed.)

" Why is it that the people on these panels, talking about social media leadership, etc., have no social media presence?"

They're not making a solid argument about the existing metrics being insufficient, and they really don't have an alternative to offer.

"Marketers are not used to that level of analysis" - are you kidding me man?

Oh god... One panelist says "good question" (i.e. I don't have an answer), and the other one just concedes defeat.